About Us

Brand Story of ELFSACK

ELFSACK is a clothing brand full of unique features, designs, and styles. Full of passion, the bold, free willed, and romantic designs are one of a kind.

Instead of mundane staples in your wardrobe, ELFSACK is full of surprises, you never know what the next exclusive line will be.

By focusing on creation, ELFSACK uses colors and patterns in a unique and unusual way, taking inspiration from mother nature, starlit night skies, and all the legends who lived before while enabling women to be completely free through their fashion styles.

What Makes Our Collection Unique:
ELFSACK was born in June of 2006. As an original and inclusive brand, we tell stories through our clothing, with a team consists of the most creative, enthusiastic, and confident minds providing staple clothing to over 15 million female followers.

At ELFSACK, we see clothing art and entertainment that pursues freedom, heroism, imagination, culture, and the soul of empowering women.

At ELFSACK, we love the creative culture that has inspired our brand to be much more than a brand. We have transformed our youthful inspirations into sophisticated timeless pieces, full of self-expression, culture, and just plain fun. We light a candle to our teenage years and leave boring at the door!